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Appendix C:

Problems With the U.S. Election System Not Addressed by VoiceVote

Appendix C: Problems With the U.S. Election System Not Addressed by VoiceVote

Some defects in our electoral system require solutions that are inherently political. These problems include:
  • unrepresentative districting;
  • barriers to universal suffrage either by law or by procedure (most often in the voter registration system);
  • lack of an affirmative, constitutional right to vote;
  • vote suppression and voter intimidation;
  • partisan control of the election process;
  • restriction of voting to a single work day and sometimes to a unreasonably limited part of that day;
  • campaign financing excesses and inequities
  • candidates' lack of access to affordable communication with voters;
  • obstacles to ballot access, especially for independents and "third" parties.
Some problems, like the violation of the one-person, one-vote principle in the Electoral College, stand as barriers to the popular will which cannot be repaired but which ought to be removed by constitutional means.

VoiceVote technology may be applicable to certifying voter registrations. However, we do not support this application, because we are convinced that the potential harm from the resulting de facto creation of a national identity card would far outweigh any minimal reduction in false voter registrations.
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